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Jensen Associates is a group of specialist consultants and surveyors, offering a range of survey and consultancy services geared towards companies involved in the international trade of frozen and chilled commodities such as fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and dairy products, along with plants, flowers and other perishable products.


The company was founded in 2001, with the aim of providing independent, high quality services within the specialised field of chilled and frozen cargo transport. In recent years the company has expanded serving new clients, added more personnel and offering new services. Today 11 dedicated surveyors, all with specialist degrees and hands-on experience in the handling, storage and transport of perishable cargoes, serve our customers from bases in the UK, Italy and South Africa.

Expect More


When perishables are received in less than perfect condition, an in-depth survey is vital to resolve the ensuing claims matters diligently, and get back to business as quickly as possible. Yet we want to give you more than that.

We see it as our prime objective to provide practical and economical suggestions to how a given bad outturn can be avoided in the future. It is not just about solving the immediate situation; it is about preventing losses in the long term.



To provide independent evaluations in a timely, professional manner and exceed the expectations of our customers through in-depth, proactive surveys and diligent case management.

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