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Often the lack of infrastructure and limited availability of suitable handling facilities, either before or after overseas transport, create bottlenecks that can eventually cause quality irregularities and loss of profit. Whereas infrastructural challenges can be lengthy and difficult to resolve, there are often practical ways to overcome or at least minimise the negative effects even in the short term.


By carrying out in-depth analysis of the procedures in place for handling and preparation of the product, the available processing facilities and suitability of cold stores, Jensen Associates are able to provide practical recommendations on how product handling can be optimised. This will in turn safeguard the profitability of both the operation and the trade as a whole, by ensuring that losses are effectively prevented.

Location Audits

Location audits can be either at import or export locations, and would also be part of the scope for pre-shipment surveys. If perishables are temporarily stored during the transport period, for example as part of consolidation for road transport, or segregating a bulk delivery for several consignees, the suitability of both these facilities and handling procedures can have a profound impact on the final quality outturn. Hence an audit of such facilities are at times also undertaken.

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