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Pre-shipment Surveys

Solving problems when they arise is good, but avoiding problems altogether is even better.


Claims prevention is a key focus area for Jensen Associates, and one way we can support you is through pre-shipment surveys, undertaken before and up to the time international transport is commenced.


Whether it is at local or overseas export locations, we will be present to follow the entire processing up to the time of shipment. The task is mainly to supervise the handling and packaging, and evaluate whether it is suitable for both the product, type of transport and transit time involved. Following the evaluation, you will be given guidance on the optimal and practical ways of carrying out the preparation for shipment, as well as how to minimise risk of damage and subsequent claims upon arrival at the destination.

Pre-shipment surveys are also undertaken as risk evaluations on behalf of insurers and P&I clubs. In certain areas which typically export very delicate products where the natural quality varies significantly from one season to the next, a pre-shipment evaluation at the beginning of the season can often be a valuable tool in accessing the risk and preventing claims.

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