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The proverb saying that “One rotten apple can destroy the whole barrel” remains very true when it comes to all perishable products, and in more ways than one. Mould and infections can spread to other fruit or vegetables during storage, especially in tropical fruit shipments. A few overripe bananas or mangoes within an otherwise perfect shipment can trigger accelerated ripening in the rest of the fruit, causing deterioration and loss of value upon arrival at its destination.


Even when spreading has not occurred, a consignment arriving with a high level of fruit that do not meet the required standards, e.g. being soft, scarred or lacking in colour development, often means that the importer will have to carry out additional sorting and re-selection before onwards marketing. In turn this causes an indirect loss in value of the consignment by adding to the handling costs and diminishing profit margins.

Post-harvest Handling & Storage

From having worked with growers, exporters and production plants in a number of countries worldwide, Jensen Associates has in-depth knowledge of various handling and storage practises for fresh and frozen products. This knowledge enables us to offer practical advice on best practices for handling, sorting, packaging and storage of perishables.


Then it comes to packaging, it is essential to consider the means of onwards transport and storage. Packaging requirements varies between all modes of transport, whether by container or in reefer vessels, in trailers or by airfreight. With the different ways the temperature control works on different means of transport, the packaging being acceptable for e.g. road trailer transport could be inadequate or even be the cause of product deterioration if applied directly to a shipment by container.


Jensen Associates has vast experience in working with all modes of transport for frozen and chilled cargo. We are able to guide our clients on the suitability of the packaging, and potential changes that would need to be made if the cold chain or mode of transport is altered, or the distance or general conditions for shipment are changed significantly.

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