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All Independent evaluations are conducted by surveyors who are highly skilled industry experts in their own right, all with decades of relevant experience from working with perishables, from source all the way through to the end-customer. This, combined with having access to a unique knowledge base, is the basis for us being able to carry out truly independent investigations and professionally evaluate the results. Therefore Jensen Associates is not only able to establish the extent of any damage, but also to assist in minimising any potential losses.


An important part of reporting is to include claims preventive suggestions i.e. how a given problem can be avoided in the future. Whenever possible it is our aim not only to solve the immediate situation, but to assist in finding long-term solutions.

Outturn Surveys

Assignments are handled fast and efficiently as we realise time is of the essence to limit the extent of any loss in value, and secure the best possible outcome. Our surveyors work out of several locations spread geographically in such a way that we can attend most surveys within a few hours of receiving the assignment. See our Surveyor Maps for further information on the exact location of our surveyors.


We believe that timely and efficient communication with our clients is extremely important, especially in a survey situation. Hence our preliminary reports are made available within 24 hours of completion of the survey, and the final reports within 5 working days.


Jensen Associates is primarily operating within the UK, Italy and South Africa but is also available to conduct overseas surveys anywhere in the world.

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